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The future of video is digital streaming media, and DVDs are, sadly, a thing of the past, but brides often want some physical keepsake of their wedding, such as a DVD disc. Both Apple and Adobe have discontinued their professional DVD authouring software. DVD Studio Pro and Encore have been discontinued and are

no longer supported.



Making the DVD


I like to use Encore CS6, because it is the software that gives me the most choice and flexibility. It can produce both Blu-ray and DVD discs (in both single and dual layer formats) from the same project file. It transcodes all your movies to just the right size and quality to fit a Blu-ray or DVD disc.


One thing that is quite difficult to set up is a menu that includes both Scene Selection buttons and a Play All button that, when pressed, plays all the chapters in a continuous sequence and then returns to the main menu. The answer is overrides.

This is how you do it.

1. Create a “Play Movie” button for the main menu (see above).

2. For the button’s link, choose “Chapter 1: Preparations”.

3. Select the Preparation’s Timeline and choose “Chapter 2: Ceremony” as its End Action.

4. Continue this process for each chapter's Timeline.

5. For the last chapter, Highlights, make the Timeline’s End Action the main menu.

6. Preview this by clicking on the “Play All” button which should play through all the chapters.

7. Link each chapter button in the main menu to its corresponding chapter timeline with

the pick whip. e.g. link the Ceremony button to the Ceremony Timeline.

8. For each chapter button choose as its Override the main menu. This will ensure tht once the chapter has finished, it returns to the main menu.

9. In Preview, press the Execute End Action button to test whether the End Actions and Overrides

work as they should.

Motion Menus

For your Blu-ray or DVD disc you may like to have a beautiful and elegant motion menu:



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